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The requirement for OHTL towers as well as High Rise Communication towers is increasing day by day. ABRAJ-techas set up its own in house design team to cater their needs for all Engineering activities required for Engineering of Transmission line and High Rise Communication Towers.

1-Tower Design & Drawing:

We have a team of qualified and experience Design Engineers who have been in the tower design activities since last more than two decades.

We have complete computerized system for design of towers. This includes:

• Sag and tension calculations.
• External load calculations for transmission line towers.
• External load calculations for communication towers.
• Loading tree.
• Analysis of tower.
• Member design.
• Foundation design.
• Stringing charts

The transmission tower is a public utility structure, and is also tested for design and destruction load tests, depending on the requirements of the contacts. Since one proto type is subjected to tests, the design and detailing of the tower structural is more critical activity. Our team of qualified Engineers and draftsmen / detailer ensures that the tower designed is the most economical without forgetting the structural stability and the requirements of the project technical specifications.

2- Tower drawing:

We have a team of experienced detailers and draft’s men who have developed transmission line towers with horizontal and vertical configurations, communication towers for square as well as triangular configuration with single built up sections.

Our all drawing and detailing is fully computerized including, design line drawing, structural erection drawings as well as fabrication shop drawings and Bills of materials. The fabrication drawings developed in the design office are directly been transferred to CNC machines which reduces the chance of manual error as well as accelerate the work processing.

The engineering Division chart along with the list of key personnel showing their qualifications and brief professional experience is enclosed for your ready reference.

3- Design capabilities / Range:

With the available qualified and experienced team of engineers and draftsmen / detailer, ABRAJ-tec is confident and capable of designing the towers as per the customer’s requirements. This includes:

• Transmission towers ranging from 33 KV to EHV 800 KV OHTL.
• Horizontal as well as vertical configurations.
• Single or bundle configurations for conductors
• Any other configuration as required by the customer.

ABRAJ-tecalso has the capabilities for designing communication towers for any height and antennas mounts as per the customer’s requirements. This includes:

• Self-supporting lattice type towers.
• Self-supporting tubular towers.
• Guy mast towers.
• Roof top towers.
• Green field / Ground based towers.
• Four legged as well as three legged towers.

4- Design Software:

Presently, we are using the in house developed software for analysis of tower. While developing this software the tower structure is considered as Three Dimensional Pin Jointed Space Truss. The Matrix method of structural analysis is considered as the basis for designing the software. One of our Engineers developed this software while working in the previous organizations. This software is tailor made for analysis of tower structures of any height with vertical as well as horizontal configuration for Transmission towers and vertical configuration for high rise communication towers.

The reliability of this software is proven by the successful load testing of transmission towers for various voltage levels and configurations for most of the reputed clients in India.

In addition to the immediate in house available software, we are also in process of procuring the standard software used by majority of tower manufacturing companies.

5- Adopted standards:

We design the towers in compliance to the requirements of international acceptable standards as well as the requirements of projects technical specification. The some of the specifications / standards are listed below.

1. Material specification
• Steel : ASTM A36, ASTM 572M, BSEN 10025 or equivalent.
• Bolts & Nuts : ASTM A394, ASTM A5632M, BS 4190 or equivalent.
• Washers : ASTM F436, BS 4464 or equivalent.
• Zinc
2. Galvanizing
• Method : ASTM A123M, BS 729, BSEN 1461 or equivalent.
• Testing : ASTM A153M, A 90M, A239 or equivalent.
3. Tower design : ASCE 10 – 97, VDE 0210 or equivalent.
4. Tower testing : IEC 0652 or equivalent.
5. Communication